Sales Copywriting

If you have an amazing product or service, I can sell it!

Sales copy whether it is an email, pitch, ad, landing page or presentation, is critical to your lead conversion.  If you are not presenting your value to your prospects correctly, you are losing money.

Great copy is compelling, sincere, and intelligent enough to create urgency without sounding “sleazy.”

You’re great at what you do, but if you’re not a good writer, it’s time to invest in one!

My writing is persuasive, sincere and more importantly resonates with the prospect in a way that positions you as the solution to their problem.

This means you make the sale.



When you hire me, I want you to come back with future projects.  That’s why  I offer unlimited revisions for up to a month after I’ve delivered your first draft.  You can be confident I’m here to work with you.

Initial Consultation

I would like to get to know more about you, your company and competition first.

After you’ve contacted me using the form below I’ll send you a detailed list of questions to help me understand how I can best be of service to you and help your company grow.

Please take your time on this.  By providing me with accurate and detailed answers before we start, I will be better equipped to understand your business…

and the goals we will achieve.